Rapid Safe Handgun Hornady

Rapid Safe Handgun Hornady

Item #: H98150


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Hornady Rapid Safe Item# 98150.

Fast, Touch-Free Entry. Open your safe in the blink of an eye - the RAPiD safe is the first to use patent-pending Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for instant access. Simply place the included RFID bracelet, card, or key fob over the reader, and the RAPiD safe springs open to present your handgun.

Child-Resistant Design. Built to exceed the ASTM International performance standards for youth resistant firearms containers, the RAPiD safe provides a high level of child resistance and unauthorized access protection.

Handgun is always Safe and Ready. AC power means your handgun is both protected and ready to go 24/7. The RAPiD safe also features a battery backup that may be used as a primary power source. Upon opening, the internal RAPiD sleeve presents your handgun at the perfect angle.

Heavy-Duty Construction. The RAPiD safe weighs over 15 pounds, and features wrapped, 16-gauge steel construction and a heavy-duty 1/4" steel dual-lug locking system. A 39 inch, 1,500 lb.-rated cable secures the safe to an immobile object for additional theft protection.

Exterior: 15 1/2"x9"x3 1/2" Interior: 11"x8"x3" Weight: 15.65 lbs

The RAPiD safe uses standard household 110V power and includes a battery pack for backup or primary power. Inside the RAPiD safe is the padded RAPiD sleeve that presents handguns at the perfect angle. The RAPiD sleeve is removable, enabling storage of most revolvers with barrels as long as 6 inches. Also includes a security cable that is rated to 1,500 lbs.IMPORTANT: Do not store loaded firearms in any safe. Follow local laws for firearm storage. Hornady item# 98150

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