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Hornady 9th Edition Manual

Item #: H99239


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Hornady 9th Edition Cartridge Reloading Manual. Invaluable Resource. Reloaders will find the 9th Edition Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading an invaluable resource for their bench. You'll find over 900 pages representing data of all the newest Hornady bullets like the NTX, GMX and FTX, plus longtime favorites like the V-MAX, SST, InterBond, InterLock, A-MAX, XTP and more. Each cartridge features applicable Hornady bullets along with velocity/powder charts for quick and easy reference.

Cartridge additions include the 17 Hornet, 327 Federal, 356 Winchester, 5.56 NATO, 416 Barrett and 505 Gibbs. There is also expanded data on over 20 favorites like the 223 Rem, 300 Whisper, 308 Win, 25-06 and many more. A variety of propellants such as Power Pro Varmint, AR-Comp, CFE-223, among others have been added to many popular cartridges.

Hornady item# 99239

Hornady 10th Edition Manual

Item #: H99240


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Hornady Reloading Handbook: 10th Edition.

Featuring over 1,000 pages of reloading data, techniques and bullet information, the 10th Edition Handbook gives hand loaders access to over 200 different calibers featuring a variety of loads using Hornady bullets. You'll find an impressive lineup of new and expanded data that incorporates new powders, new bullets like the ELD-X and ELD Match, plus more cartridges like the 280 Ackley Improved, 7x64 Brenneke and the 338 Federal. Well over 1,300 load combinations were shot to update and expand the reloading pages in this edition.Whether you're a novice or seasoned hand loader, this book will provide everything needed to successfully reload your favorite cartridges. Hornady item# 99240

Joyce Hornady Reloading DVD

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Joyce Hornady Reloading & Bullet Accuracy DVD. Widely acclaimed by new and experienced shooters, Joyce Hornady Reloading and Accuracy is a classic introduction to external ballistics. Joyce Hornady, the founder of Hornady Manufacturing Company, discusses the external and design variables that affect bullet accuracy and ballistics. Special animations highlight what happens in a gun chamber before, during and after ignition.

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